Sonia Gandhi is a well known politician in India. She plays a key role in Indian politics as head of congress party. In 2004 Congress party form government in India. At the time Sonia Gandhi desire to become prime minister. But many of the people from opposition party refused that. So she designed a new robot called MANMOHAN SINGH. He is worked as 14th prime minister for India with the help of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi wrote new software for the new robot.

Manmohan Singh Sonia Gandhi

Director Shankar made a film named as ROBO, in this motion picture a scientist creates a new ROBO named as Chitti. In this film scientist inserts a chip into ROBO for generate a new world. But villain changes the chip to demolish the world. There is a chance to change the programme in the ROBO, but in Sonia made robo there is no changing options. Sonia Gandhi wrote an ideal programme it should be transformed by Sonia herself.

Director Shanker's ROBO

The ROBO protected Sonia Gandhi in last 10 years. The ROBO functions similar to doll and its control is with in the hands of Sonia and the ROBO did its work. In ruling period of 2004 – 2014 MANMOHAN SINGH appeared as Prime minister but the main decisions were made by Sonia Gandhi. After completion of the ruling period of Congress party Manmohan Singh will not change his mind set. He will protect Sonia Gandhi in NDA government also.

The recent issue is Natwer Singh (Ex minister of external affairs of India) wrote his auto biography and does some comments about Sonia Gandhi and Congress party. In this time Sonia Gandhi reacted against Natwer Singh and she decided to write her auto biography to know the facts about congress government. In this issue Manmohan Singh also involved. Natwer Singh did some wrong comments about Sonia Gandhi to increase his auto biography book’s sale.

In 10 years of Congress government Manmohan Singh followed 20 rules, 10 rules for our country and 10 rules for Congress party.

Top 10 Rules followed by Manmohan Singh for our Country.

Manmohan singh on SILENT mode
1.     silence
2.     silence
3.     silence
4.     silence
5.     silence
6.     silence
7.     silence
8.     silence
9.     silence
10.   silence

Top 10 Rules followed by Manmohan Singh for congress party

 1.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 2.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
Manmonan Singh on PROTECTION mode
 3.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 4.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 5.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 6.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 7.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 8.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
 9.      Protect Sonia Gandhi
10.     Protect Sonia Gandhi
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